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Mary Ray is the leading dog trainer in the United Kingdom and is the only handler to have achieved such success in many different canine disciplines. She has been winner of the Crufts Obedience Championships four times (including this year's), - has qualified or won every major British dog agility competition and is the leading authority on Freestyle and Heelwork to Music, having started the sport in the United Kingdom in 1990. Mary is featured on British television on a regular basis and has instructed and/or judged throughout the world.

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Once more, I apologise to website watchers that I’m so late in putting on an update. I’m supposed to be semi retired but somehow the ‘retired’ word doesn’t seem to come into play as I never have time to complete anything on time including this!

Once more, Mary has had a great year with a brilliant end, the highlight being Levi winning 13 Championship Challenge Certificates, which beats the all-time record hence another year where he has proved to be the most successful dog in British Obedience. In addition to this, he has won 26 Open ’ C’ classes this year and …




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Heelwork to Music | Mary and Richard | Crufts 2014

2013 Crufts Bitch Championship with Foxy

Mary’s featured top 5 routines by Crufts

2013 Crufts Dog Championship with Levi

2013 Crufts Obedience World Cup including Levi

2013 Crufts Champ Obedience Winners Arena Demonstration with Mary & Levi and Madge Thompson & Trendy

The latest Crufts 2014 Scottish Routine its the highest ranking Crufts 2014 youtube video with over half a million hits / views !!!!!